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Abametales is dedicated to the marketing of non-ferrous metals (antimony, arsenic, tin, calcium, magnesium, silicon, selenium), alloys (tin-lead) solder (lead free) and chemicals (rust cerium, antimony trioxide), domestic and import for the plastics, automotive, textile, electrical conductors, glass, oil, and other skins.

Abametales boasts an extensive infrastructure to deliver to Mexico, Central and South America. Company agents are strategically located  to service the globe. (USA, Canada, China, India, Bolivia and Mexico) offering a variety of products, quality and best price at a moment’s notice.

Abastecedora of Metales, SA de CV, continuously improves to meet the requirements of our customers by offering quality non-ferrous metals, alloys, solders and chemicals.

An ISO 9001 Quality Company.

Dalian First Organic Chemical CO.,LTD

DALIAN FIRST ORGANIC CHEMICAL CO., LTD. started its specialty chemical production in 1958. Thirty years later,  Dalian Organics proudly leads the competition in PET/PTA catalyst products. Beginning in  the 1990`s, Dalian Organics stepped into the global arena with its PET/PTA catalyst products. Dalian now ships product to America, Europe and Asia through OEMs and its own sales channels. It has become the number one OEM outsource contractor in the world. The Dalian Organic product line distinguishes itself by consistently reliable quality and compelling lower price.

Dalian Organics has restructured its management to meet the demands for this new century. It now owns three manufacturing subsidiaries in China and one global marketing company in North America.

An ISO 9001 Quality Company since 2001.





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